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Pensacola  –   Navarre  –  Perdido Key  –  Florida

Come fish the panhandle with Capt. John Rivers and enjoy some of the finest inshore – offshore and light tackle fishing the Florida Gulf Coast has to offer.

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Located on the Pensacola Beach – Perdido Key Florida border, this area has some of the best fishing along the Gulf Coast. While cruising from spot to spot in our 24 ft Sea Pro ( More Pictures of the boat) you will be riding in comfort and with my 250 hp Yamaha HPDI, it won’t take long to arrive quickly and safely on our next honey hole.

Capt. John is sure to provide a trip that will be  full of memories to last a life time. Whatever type of fishing you desire, Capt. John will help you find it. Located in sunny Pensacola, Florida,  one of the finest fisheries along the gulf coast, we are conveniently located just a short drive from Pensacola Beach, Perdido Key, and Navarre, Florida.

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With warmer weather arriving it’s time to start
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Capt. John Rivers makes national coverage

I had the pleasure to fish with one of the editors of Florida Sport 

Fishing Magazine in August. The article featured King Mackerel and Inshore fishing along the local waterways of Pensacola, Florida. 

Look for the article in the Sept. / Oct. issue on p.146 – 150 .

Click logo and take a look at the magazine it has a lot of 

great info for every kind of fishing!

Action pics this week

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