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Pensacola’s waters hold some of the biggest Trout and Redfish along the Gulf Coast. From winter to summer there is always something to target in our waters.
Fall is a great time to search out big Bull Redfish along the coasts and inlets, and spring is great for Spanish Mackerel and Bluefish.

Whatever species you like to fish for, Pensacola Bay pretty much has it. Pensacola Pass holds a wide variety of fish from King Mackerel, Redfish, Sheepshead, Grouper to are all famous Red Snapper. Depending upon what time of year it is, there is always fish there to catch. If the wind is up and the pass is rough we will head into Big Lagoon on the Flats in search of big Trout or schooling Redfish.  

We have a variety of different trips available please see the rates page for more info. 

Santa Rosa Sound holds some of the fattest Redfish and Trout you will ever see and it’s just a short 5 minute boat ride from the docks.

Casting top-water plugs in the early mornings to jigging a soft-body jerk baits in the afternoon your sure to hook-up have a drag-screaming day

Monster Red fishing
in the Fall is some of the
best fishing along the
gulf coast these fish
are big strong and hungry
and on light tackle
it’s like hooking into a
freight train and holding
on. So what are you
waiting for book a
trip today and catch a

The East end of Pensacola Bay has numerous docks and old bridge pilings that hold Flounder and Sheepshead.

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